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The events that took place in south of Iraq during the period of the Iranian-Iraqi war and before that period are stories related to my childhood. They are memories I will never forget.
I remember the escape into the unknown!

Feudalism since the beginning of the last century, the war, draining the marsh which caused terrible effects on nature, are reasons that led to the displacement and flight of many residents from their homes and community to the big cities.
The inhabitants of the marshes enjoyed a beautiful social mix and a peaceful coexistence of their various sects. A society full of stories of love, poetry, emotion, myths, eternity and sadness.

All these events had a clear and direct impact on my experience, so I dealt with this era in its human and aesthetic dimensions.

Amer Bader 

Pulchri studio,  The Netherlands 2021


Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle 
Kasteel het Nijenhuis, Heino/ Wijhe

25 mei t/m 1 september 2019

The Europa Zomer Expo 2019 summer exhibition will take place at Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle, and at the galleries and grounds  of Nijenhuis Castle, Heino / Wijhe,
from  25 May to 1 September  2019.

Migratie , Op zoek naar beter leven in Europa ,
Migration, Looking for a better life in Europe
150 x 90 cm  , Oil on canvas  2019

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